January 29, 2022

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A.R. poultry company

A.R. poultry comapnay
A.R. poultey company
A.R. poultry company
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A.R. eggs poultry company

Commercial egg processing is a quick business that relies on speed to market in order to provide fresh, quality product. Hens are kept in cages that are devised so that when an egg is laid it rolls into a collection bin. The eggs are then packed on skids which are formed of layers of flats. Skids are individually placed on a conveyor belt. Each egg in the skid is grasped by a small suction cup and placed onto another conveyor belt. The eggs move into the grader where they are cleaned with a USDA approved cleanser. They are rotated as brushes and water jets move carefully across the eggs. A fan then dries the eggs. Once graded, the eggs are placed in cartons, packaged, and shipped to stores.

Quality control in A.R. poultry company

Quality control happens in all parts of the egg processing. First and foremost, the chicken farmer ensures that his hens are well fed with a diet specifically formulated to provide the best grade of egg. Shell strength, for example is determined by the presence of adequate amounts of vitamin D, calcium, and other minerals in the chick mash.

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