January 29, 2022

Best 4 public libraries in Chandigarh

We provide the information about Best 4 public libraries in Chandigarh. A library is collection of materials, books and has a right place of information under one roof. A library is a collection of resources in a variety of formats that is organized by information by professionals and other experts who provide physical and digital and with the mission of information of educating, informing and entertaining a variety of audiences and society as a whole .

You can go for one of the Best 4 public libraries in Chandigarh as per your need. scroll down for get the information about best libraries in Chandigarh.

Information about Best 4 public libraries in Chandigarh given as below:

These are best libraries in Chandigarh when it comes to libraries in the city. We have listed to well known libraries by received feedback from different sources.

  1. British Council library:

The British Council Library comes in the Best 4 public libraries in Chandigarh. There are different types of books such as drama, short story, poem, novels, junior books etc. Our wide range of educational and recreational resources include digital magazines, music, comics, graphics, newspaper, e-movies, e-literature and DVDs/CDs and lot more available both in online and offline mode. Library events range from skills – based workshop, film screening, book club to lively author book launcher.

the browser liberary best 4 libraries in chandigarh

The library also having different membership plans and browse and read books. The British Council Library is one stop shop for high quality sourced from the publishers all over India. Which makes the British Council library is one of the best libraries in Chandigarh.

Facts about library:

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2. The browser library and book store.

The Browser library and book store is one of the library listed in Best 4 public libraries in Chandigarh in Chandigarh. The Browser library established in 1997. It is located into the posh sector of Chandigarh. The library produces the books on demand.
The Browser library has huge amount of books also including fiction and non fiction to children’s books. This is the right place for whom who need to gather information and where you get to know your ownself.

Having a collection worth dying for, the place has a wide variety of books ranging from fiction to romance. Equipped with the group of ten people who love of reading stories.


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3.The State Liberary Sector 34 (Chandigarh).

The State Library is count one of the Best 4 public libraries in Chandigarh. The State Library is one of the biggest libraries in Chandigarh. The library situated in Sector 34, Chandigarh. The State library established in 1995. The state library has wider area of 2400sq yard. The state library count as the biggest library in Chandigarh. It has 3 floor and the basement section is for childrens. The ground floor is for newspaper, magazine section, office and lobby. the first floor has technical section, and reference section.

So that the State library is one of the best library in Chandigarh. Readers can go through the online public catalogue (OPAC) of the library to find the books available in the Library.


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4. The Central State Library

The Central state library is oldest library. The Central State Library is one of the Best 4 public libraries in Chandigarh.
The library is situated in sector 17 has academic and non academic books. For the comfort of people The state library has a mobile service as well. You will search reference books, soft toys and many more.

How to apply : The application form filled along with the following documents have to be submitted to the library from 8:00 am to 2:00pm on working days. Attested copy of ice identity card should be provided for E-class membership.

Highlights about The State Library

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