January 29, 2022

Best Kitchen Brands and Manufacturers

Best Kitchen Brands and Kitchen: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the working of the world totally. It has led to an increase in our requirements and needs in all aspects of life. The usage of the kitchen, which was earlier restricted to cook or homemaker, has now expanded and grown with pretty much every individual from the house moving and working at something new for that your need the Best Kitchen Brands. Kitchen containers are more than an important and required in every kitchen. Their main purpose is to store stuff like fruits, pulses, dry fruits ,left overs etc. These containers can also be used to store and reorganize kitchen stuff that is used daily and are important in our day to day life.


  1. Tupperware : Tupperware is a Modular kitchen Company, owned by ¬†Earl¬†Tupper, US. In the past decades the company has extended and added alot to it’s portfolio, including high-end products in all ranges with no quality compromise in any way. Today, it is known in more than 100 countries in the world. Dealers in panchkula: Main road, Sector 10, Panchkula – 134117. Contact number: 7864523087
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2. Cello : If you are looking for a safe storage set brand, which can keep your food crisp, flavoured and fresh as new losing less moisture. Then Cello is the Best Kitchen Brand for you. It can serve you all your requirements and give you a good food experience. Dealers in Panchkula : Main Road, Sector 1, Panchkula – 134117. Contact Number: 5678934567

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3. Borosil : Borosil containers provide you with an airtight seal so that the refrigerator and the kitchen is kept away from the strong odour. This is one of the Best Kitchen Brands, here You can also store the raw food items in it’s premium food containers. It is 100% microwave safe and can be placed inside boiling water without worrying about any cracks on the container. Dealers in Panchkula : House number 23, Sector 9, Panchkula – 134117. Contact Number : 9876345674

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4. Treo : Treo glassware is one of the Best Kitchen Brands and leading in India. Treo is a Milton Brand. It protects your food from germs and stains, which makes the maintenance easy and stress-free. It’s best feature is that it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. It is made of Borosillicate Glassware which doesn’t break or crack easily as the normal regular glass, as it is much harder and stronger than the soda-lime glass. Dealers in Panchkula : House number 187, Sector 8, Panchkula – 134117. Contact Number : 987654324

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