January 29, 2022

Best Tattoo artist in Chandigarh

The tattoo craze has spread to India from the West and so best tattoo artist in Chandigarh, too, has got various tattoo studios that were opened by people who had the knack for the art. While it wasn’t a trend when it first came and people were quite apprehensive about this kind of art, the tattoo business is booming today. Best Tattoo artist in Chandigarh might not be as advanced as the other cities of India like Mumbai or Delhi, but it has its fair share when it comes to being artistic and following the trends that have been popular in the rest of the country and world.

 For the sake of art and tattoo lovers, we have well-researched to find the best tattoo artists and their studios in Chandigarh who have a team of experts that will help you get the tattoo of your dreams. Take a look!

Best tattoo artist in Chandigarh: 1. Rishabh Narang-Immortal Tatttoo

Best tattoo artist in Chandigarh Immortal Tattoos was opened in 2010 and can be said to be one of the oldest tattoo studios in this field. It is due to their hard work and caliber that they have made it to the list of best tattoo studios in Chandigarh many times. They have a professional and trained staff who have impressive designs. Their tattoo portfolio is pretty unique.

Their testimonials stand as proof that their work is long-lasting, hygienic, and great in quality. They also provide free consultation and walk-in services to all their clients.

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Best tattoo artist in chandigarh Immortal tattoos, it is hygiene and comfort that are most important when they schedule an appointment with their clients. They employ American cleanliness and hygiene standards in their studio. For them, it is providing the best experience for their clients which is most important. Their range of interests includes Illustrations, Old School, and Animated Tattoos.

Tattoo Addicted:

It is pretty clear by its name that Tattoo Addicted is the best tattoo artist in Chandigarh for lovers of tattoos. It is a great place if you want to get a unique ink planned for yourself or if it is your first time getting a tattoo design. They specialize in getting customized designs for their customers. The most popular design options that you will find with them are Religious, Traditional, Tribal, and New School tattoo designs. They are one of the most sought-after places when it comes to getting stylish inks in Chandigarh.

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Tattoo World artist:

Tattoo World is located in what can be called the “heart of the city beautiful”, that is, sector 17 Chandigarh which is already popular thanks to the Punjabi Music Industry. They are known for their exquisite designs along with their professional attitude. They have a team of experienced tattoo artists who also emphasize the importance of cleanliness and safety.

7. Skull Tattoo artist:

One of the best tattoo artist in chandigarh Skull tattoo sounds like some funky, over-the-top tattoo parlor. Nonetheless, honestly, it is nothing but a hub of creative people who give a face to your imagination. This tattoo studio can be defined only by a group of professional artists. Not only do they have a fantastic portfolio, but they also cater to the comfort levels of their clients, which is their ultimate aim.

Best tattoo art course in Chandigarh.


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