January 29, 2022

Blogs better than books

In our hustle bustle life, where everyone is in a hurry, we need new ideas, but don’t have enough time to think, we need new creativity but don’t have patience.If a few years back somebody asked me “Are blogs better than books? “ I will definitely prefer books but with our changing lives and lifestyle I think blogs are better than books.

Why Blogs better than books ?

  1. Short and effective: Book writers spend hours, days and months writing 200 – 300 pages  books whereas the same idea, message or story can be shared in short and effective manner through blogs only in 200 -300 words.
  2. No barriers: While writing books we have to depend on many things like targeted audience, potential agents, publishing houses and so on. On the other hand, blogs are open to everyone. We don’t need any middleman, we can target more audiences and engage people in our work.
  3. Cost effective : Blogs are definitely cost effective as compared to books. We can access blogs anywhere anytime with any device of your choice. With a single click we have an abundant variety of blogs on our screens. We can easily switch from one blog to another.
  4. More popular : Technology has given us wings to fly where the sky’s the limit. Blogs have real-time communities where you can check live reviews, appreciations, new ideas and some good suggestions to improve your work. You have a wide range of opportunities to communicate with people.

Blogs better than books because you can participate in conversation with people which gives you an idea about What they care about? With  blogs we can easily reach and engage people to our content which is not possible in case of book writings.

In the end i don’t say that i stopped reading books but when there is a question of convenience blogs are the best choice. Maybe for this reason people shifted to  Kindle rather than purchasing books. 

So blogs better than books or Books better than blogs


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