January 29, 2022

Elderly Care in Chandigarh

We at Hauz Home Care provide elderly care in Chandigarh. Old age people develop many health complications due to the down degenerative abilities of the body. They are also prone to the psychological complications because in today’s materialistic world everybody is running after earning money more and more. All the family members are working to earn for a comfortable life. Therefore, the family members do not have sufficient time to spare with their aging parents or relatives. The aging parents, when need assisted living, suffer because of this.

The complications that develop in the old age need specialized care. A well designed personified health care plan is the need of the hour for the old age people care. Hauz Home Care is a company that is run by qualified professionals. They develop care plans meticulously based on a proper assessment of the elderly person. Personal assessment is followed by proper monitoring and care on fixed intervals by the professional targeting future improvements.

Elderly care plan

Nursing Managers from Hauz Home Care for elderly care in chandigarh do a comprehensive assessment of the individual requirements for the elderly care in chandigarh. They chalk out a routine plan taking care of the person’s physical, mental, medical and social status. They finalize the plan with consideration of the elderly person and with his family. The nursing managers at Hauz conduct a detailed assessment of the person’s physical, social, mental, medical requirements. Based on the study conducted, the nursing managers offer the client a well structured care plan and discuss to give the final shape of the plan before implementation. The implementation of the plan takes only with the consideration of the family members.

Before the placement of the caregivers, the selected caregivers are provided thorough training by the nursing managers based on the final care plan. As per the requirements, the nursing managers keep on giving periodical visits and monitor the health of the elderly person and also take feedback from the deployed caregivers. Hauz also takes care of providing different types of trainings to the caregivers time to time as per the requirements.

Elderly care in chandigarh

Hauz Home Elderly Care services

Considering that the elderly people must lead a safe and comfortable life at home, Hauz Home Care provides several packages managed by trained staffs and caregivers. If you need 24×7 or 12×7 services of caregivers at home, please do contact us. We provide all sorts of elderly needs and emergency care. We are based in the tri-city and extend our services to Chandigarh, Haryana and Punjab. We can be hired for live-in or live-out services.

We have a dedicated team of caregivers. They are fully trained for taking care of the needs of the old people. They have been provided trainings for maintaining hygiene, feeding, physical mobilization or movement, wound dressing, vital check ups, feeding, cleanliness, entertainment etc. They are capable of dealing with the cases of physical weakness, ortho care, bed ridden, post operative care, dementia, memory loss, cardiac care etc.

Caregivers at home

The feelings of the elderly people are very sensitive. They suffer loneliness and feel discouraged when they find themselves in physically restricted conditions. Here a very soft and cooperative approach is need to manage their sentiments. Our caregivers are trained in a way that they can handle their emotions well. They keep sympathetic approach with the elderly person and encourage them to participate in routine activities. They keep are capable of diverting stressful sentiments of the elderly person and help them enjoy the life. We provide elderly care in Chandigarh.

As the elderly persons are normally physically weak, they can cause injuries any time. Moreover, weak body resistance make them prone to many diseases and they get infected very easily. There may be a demand of emergency any time. Our caregivers are trained to manage these emergency situations well. Loneliness is another a major issues for the elderly persons. Our caregivers help them in this lonely situation and keep them engaged on subjects of their choice.

elderly care in chandigarh
elderly care in chandigarh

Helping people

Hauz Home Care extends helping hands to you in your helplessness of not taking care of your parents or your beloved ones. If you have no time to take care of your parents or beloved ones due to your professional engagements, Hauz will share your responsibilities. If your are staying away and are unable to take care of your elderly parents or relatives, please contact us for all elderly care in chandigarh.

elderly man care at home.. elderly care at chandigarh.

We at Hauz are ready to share your emotional responsibilities for caring your elderly parents and relatives. The health conditions of elderly people are the most concerned emotions.

The elderly parents can have a quality independent and safe life at home with the help of our caregivers. With our caregivers you can be assured of the quality life at old age. Even the caregivers help the elderly person lead a social life also. The caregivers can be taken to the places with the elderly parents for attending family functions or visiting tourist places for enjoyment. The caregivers can provide emergency medical assistance to the aging persons up to some extent.

You can seek our help if you want elderly care in Chandigarh and your aging parents lead quality and safe life at home in your absence. Our caregivers will keep on updating you about the health of your aging parents.

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