January 29, 2022

Home Care Services In Chandigarh

Hauz Home Care provides home care services in Chandigarh. Are you worried about the care of your parents or sick beloved ones? In today’s situation most of the family members work to earn and are unable to give proper attention and care elderly parents or ailing family members. They are unable to take care of them due to their tight busy schedule though they are willing to do.

We care old age persons at home while you are away. Also we provide nursing services to bedridden or critically ill patients at home. Expert caregivers are available with us with live-in and live-out facility. We dedicate and assign Nursing Manager to the patients for proper monitoring. We provide home care services in Chandigarh as well as in cities nearby like Panchkula and Mohali.

Hauz Home Care Services In Chandigarh for Old Age Ailments

Hauz home care services in chandigarh provides personal and professional caregivers at home. Parents suffering from old age ailments always wishes to be at home with all care. We provide care for elderly parents living alone at home. If you are looking for nursing care at home for old age ailments, Hauz provides qualified and well trained caregivers at home for 12 or 24 hours. Our caregivers take care of all daily routines of the seniors with medical care.

They care for the timely medication, cleaning and feeding to the patients. Our caregivers are well trained in keeping the patient engaged and take care of their entertainment also. Our Nursing Managers are there to monitor the health of the patients and provide proper suggestions and guidelines to the family members and to the caregivers.

Hauz Home Care Services in Chandigarh for Critically Ill Patients

Hauz home care services in chandigarh provides all medical care to the patients suffering from critical illness or post ICU patients at home. Patients having serious illness like cardiac, major surgeries, hip/knee replacements, dementia, neurological problem always need long term medical care. The cost of this long term medical care in hospitals is very high. Hauz provides qualified and experienced nurses for such medical care at home which will be economical and the patient recovery becomes faster in the homely environment. Our team provides post surgery care like dressing, cleaning, bathing, timely medication, Catheterization, Injections, dietary care etc.

Deployment of Caregiver or Nurse

Before the deployment of the caregivers or nurses, our Nursing Managers of Hauz Home Care Services visit the patient to study the current conditions of the patients and understands the health requirements of the customer. Based on the study, they prepare a patient care plan and train the caregiver who is going to be deployed. Our Nursing Managers also keep periodical monitoring through telephone and personal visits.

Our Caregivers/Nurses at Hauz Home Care Services In Chandigarh

Hauz Home Care Services follows very strict recruitment process for caregivers and nurses to ensure quality services. They all are well qualified and trained. We conduct all background verification of the caregivers before their appointment. We follow fixed schedule for their periodical training to enhance their skills. We focus on their theoretical as well as practical training. Moreover, behavioral soft skill training is also provided to them. Before the deployment of the caregivers, we prefer to conduct a personal meeting with the client for mutual understanding and approval.

Hauz Home Care

Hauz Home Care Services brings world class health care services. We have partnered with Life Circle Senior Services and Groupe SOS France. Our partners provide us all technical support and training for patient and elderly care. Their technical team support us to provide training on medical, physical, psychological, mental, social and spiritual support to elderly patients. They also keep us updated with the latest development in the world for patient and elderly care at home. They help us in designing plans for assisted living for patients.



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