January 29, 2022

Fresh home made lemon soda

How to make lemon soda at home

Lemon soda is punch of lemon with soda. It is non alcoholic refreshing drink famous among kids and adults.

Lemon soda also called as Lime soda is a very refreshing drink after a tiring day.

Nothing can beat tangy, energizing effect of fizzy glass of lemon soda. 

prep time- 10mins

servings –2 people


how to make lemon soda at home

Ingredients required- 

  1. 4 nos lemon
  2. 1/4 tsp salt
  3. 1 cup soda
  4. few ice cube
  5. honey syrup
  6. chopped mint leaves

How to make lemon soda at home

  1. Cut lemons into half, squeeze them using a lemon squeezer to extract juice.
  2. Now gather all the ingredients and keep it ready. First take the serving glass. Add lemon juice(a tbsp or so),then add salt and honey syrup as per your preference.
  3. Add icecubes,then pour soda.Garnish with fresh lemon slices and serve immediately.
how to make lemon soda at home

Point to be keep in mind for best quality-

  1. Use fresh lemons, mint leaves for getting refreshing taste.
  2. Use best quality soda like equal or you are free to use whichever you find best.
  3. dont use sugar  or the fizz will disapear.



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