January 29, 2022

No. 1 Best Products useful and harmful for your skin

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Products useful and harmful for your skin : You should always be careful and over-particular with the products you use, as each product has different set of chemicals and it can damage or react to your skin type. Some products have mild chemicals and some have strong chemicals, these products does not suit everybody, and their skin type. Some have Normal Skin, some have sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin etc. These beauty products make it easier for women to maintain their skin easily and helps them to achieve healthy, smooth and beautiful skin. However, they don’t work on everyone’s skin. So here we are to tell you the Products useful and harmful for your skin .

Different Skin Types :

Here, I am going to list some of the common variety of skin types.

  1. NORMAL SKIN : This skin type is neither too oily nor dry. It has a healthy skin texture, with fine pores. It doesn’t need any special type of care as it has no imperfections, it has clean and soft appearance .
  2. SENSITIVE SKIN : Sensitive skin texture are generally need to be dealt with care because it’s likely to cause irritation or reactions to the skin. This type skin is more prone to reactions to which normal skin has no reaction. In simple words, it is very delicate as it needs more care to fight dryness, oily skin, roughness, to maintain the usual skin texture. According to this we will further tell you Products useful and harmful for your skin .
  3. DRY SKIN : Short term skin dryness can be caused by many reasons mainly weather, hot water springs, low air humidity, dust and many more. For some people it is more often. Skin dryness causes cracks in our skin that can infect or degrade our facial skin. It may also last lifelong if you don’t treat it. If the cracks in our skin are left open, the bacteria’s find it’s way to get into our skin. It may also cause other skin disorders like eczema or worse if still not taken care of.
  4. COMBINATION SKIN : It is a not very common skin type, it is a combination of oily and dry skin. The T – zone of the face, that is, Head, nose and the chin is the most oily part, and where as the skin of the cheeks is dry, or normal.
  5. RED SPOTS : The Red Spots generally appear on sensitive skin, sometimes when it’s not taken care of rashes also appear and it makes the skin worse. It can also appear because of allergies or disorders. In this case you should consult a dermatologist or take some medication. Next, we’re listing the Products useful and harmful for your skin .

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Products useful and harmful for your skin :

Here we are listing some Products useful and harmful for your skin and which are better for you to use in daily life.

1. Products useful for your skin :

These are the products you should use in your daily life. They’ll help you to make your skin healthier and nourishes your skin.

The following are the must use products :

CleanseA Cleanser is the basic necessity of your skin, you should always use cleanser with low amount of chemicals in it.
Eye CreamEye Cream is used to get rid of dark circles, wrinkles etc
MoisturizerAfter you wash your face, you should always moisturize it, as it nourishes the skin and makes it healthier.
SunscreenIf you don’t wear sunscreen before getting out in the sun, it may damage your skin and cause wrinkles and you lose elasticity.

2. Products Harmful for your skin :

LipstickLipsticks dry your lips, instead of that you should use lip balm.
KajalIt releases toxic chemicals in your eyes that are harmful.
Bleach creamsIt has side effects like rashes, skin allergies etc.
Hair Color / Hair DyeAllergic Reactions to hair dye can result in hair loss, hair thinning, hair whitening and many more.
Nail PolishUsing harsh chemicals on your nails can deteriorate you nail health.
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