January 29, 2022

No.1 Best Real Estate Properties in Zirakpur.

Properties in Zirakpur and Tri-city

We deal with Real Estate, offices, apartments, hotels, golf course and shopping malls projects and many commercial or Residential projects too. We are dealing with a huge number of projects across the tri-city and Zirakpur. We find you homes according to your budget, needs and location of your choice. Whether you’re making your first or your 15th real estate investment, we are here to help you to get you the best property.

We deal in mainly three types of properties:

  1. Land : Raw land is the unoccupied and undeveloped area of land. A raw piece of land can be used for farming activities, you can grow unique flowers to sell at farmers markets, rent it out, built a home etc. The price starts from 14 Lakh rupees for 5,400 sqft, in Chandigarh. 55 Lakh Rupees for 5,400 sqft in Dhanas, Chandigarh. This area is near the marble market, leveled field away from the main road, and can be used for agricultural purposes. Another land for sale in Dera Bassi for price 1.2Cr. and area 1,30,680 sqft. Another land near Derabassi priced 1.4Cr. for area 1,74,240sqft. Properties in Zirakpur : 8 Acre farm land in Zirakpur near Airport Road.
  2. Residential Property : Residential real estate includes everything from single family homes to multi unit properties that can be rented out to tenants or sold to homeowners. There are 5 types of residential real estate properties, that is, Single Family, Duplex, Multi-family, vacation homes and apartments. Properties in Zirakpur : 1BHK Flats in Zirakpur are starting from 15 Lakh to 46 lakhs. 2BHK Flats in Zirakpur are starting from49 Lakhs to 73 Lakhs. 3BHK flats in Zikarpur are starting from 55 lakhs – 75 lakhs.
  3. . Commercial Property : Commercial property includes many type of business, office space or large spaces. Some residential housing, such as multi-units or apartments, are considered commercial after they exceed a certain number of units ( which can vary by state or market). You can set-up commercial buildings like: Office Buildings, Industrial, Warehouse, Retail, hotels etc. Commercial Properties in Zirakpur : There are 4 types of commercial properties, multi-family, office, industrial, retail and hospitality.1BHK starts from 17lakh. 2BHK from 47 lakhs, and 3BHK commercial Properties in Zirakpur, starting from 55lakhs. All these prices have been verified and then listed here.

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