January 29, 2022

Investment services

Investment services

Trading in the Zone Investment services

Trading in the zone  strives to provide long term and short term investments services. Invest with us to create long term wealth.  We deal in Equity, mutual funds, ipo’s etc. We deal for individual’s and corporations. Trading in the zone  investment services are in Market in 2017. 

Do you know?

If you invest 5000 per month for 30 years with an AGR of 10%. Your investment of 18.05 lakhs will grow to 1.15 crore. This is power of compound interest.

Compound interest is said to be the 8th wonder of world.

Align with us to achieve your financial independence by the time your retire.

Investment services provided by us

Giving swing calls
Handling portfolio
Investing money with us
Giving investment advices
Inflation is a silent killer, Value of money decreases with time. saved money is depreciated over a period of time. Its better to invest than to save.
Investment services