January 29, 2022

Senior Citizen In India

Population of senior citizen in India

As per the survey conducted in 2019, the population of the senior citizen in India is increasing day by day. Currently in India the population of the senior citizens, people aged over 60 years, is around 14 crores which is around 20 percent of the current total Indian population.

The percentage of population of senior citizens living in India is supposed to be around 20 percent by the year 2050. It means that there will be one senior out of five persons in India by that time.

World population of senior citizens

If we see globally, the population of senior citizens in world  in 2017 was around 96 crores. This is more than the double of the world population of senior citizens that was in 1980 which was around 40 crores.

The number is again expected to be doubled by 2050. It was predicted that the population of the senior citizens will be more than the population of children younger than 5 years. Moreover, the 80 percent of the world senior citizen population will be living in low and middle income countries.            

Health care concern of the senior citizen in India

senior citizen in India

Aging is a biological and social process. This is not in the hands of human beings to control or stop it happening. Aging is due to the impact of the accumulation of different varieties of cellular and molecular damage over a period of time in the body. This causes gradual decrease in mental and physical ability.

This degenerative state of the human body affects the immune system. The old people become prone to communicable diseases. Their physical movements become restricted, they face hearing problems, they develop visual impairment, osteoporosis, arthritis, indigestion etc. There are emergence of several health states that occur only late in life. These states or conditions are known as geriatric syndromes.

Therefore, the morbid condition of the elderly person or senior citizens causes many difficult situations to him, to his family members and also to the society. In such cases, taking proper care of the seniors become a big challenge for all.

But in this materialistic world people are running after earning more and more money for leading a life of their choice. All individuals except the affluent sections of the society, aspire to get all better career opportunities and increase their living standards. Individuals from rural areas are migrating to urban areas in search of better opportunities leaving their elderly parents or relatives alone in the village. The living expenses in the urban areas are very high.  

There are cultural and life style differences in rural and urban areas. While youngster enjoy urban culture, senior citizens mostly do not like it. They may feel difficulty in adjusting with the complexities of modern life and urban culture. Therefore, they do not wish to leave their settled rural life and their traditional beliefs and viewpoints.

Senior citizens prefer to stay alone without having family members around as they feel uncomfortable with the modern life style which their next generations are enjoying. They experience social exclusions. They do not take interest in going out into the social circle or attend celebrations or functions in relatives, friends or neighbors. They prefer to keep themselves in isolation.

This isolation has impact on their emotions and they start feeling sad as they are not acknowledged by other individuals. When the elderly people are not communicated appropriately by their dear ones, when their own family members regard them as burden and do not take proper care, they feel neglected and develop psychological problems. This further worsens their old age health problems.

There is a transformation of the cultures and values in the present days where elderly persons are most affected and due to this when the senior citizens prefer to stay alone or are forced to stay alone, they face another challenge of household difficult tasks. The tasks include food preparation, washing and cleaning, house maintenance, gardening etc. All these tasks demand manual work which the elderly man is unable to carry out. Moreover, they also start facing difficulties in performing their daily routine due to physical and mental weaknesses. This helpless situation make them develop anxiety and depression. This further deteriorates their morbid condition

Corrective Measures

senior citizen couple

The aged people experience number of diverse problems. They are economical, social, health and other many miscellaneous problems. The society must take care of the problems of the senior citizens.

The Govt. of India has taken several measures to address the issue of elderly care in Panchkula or senior citizen care. Many medical facilities are dedicated to them. Several medi-claim insurance schemes are there for managing their financial loads occurring on health management.

It would be better if any insurance company introduces a policy that includes and cover the services of live-in caregivers. This will certainly be a great help for the senior citizens who can afford to buy the policy. The Govt. should also encourage the home elderly care service providing companies with some financial aid which will certainly prove a boon to the beneficiary senior citizens.

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