January 29, 2022

Tattoo art Course in Chandigarh

If you are searching for a Tattoo Studio who provides you Tattoo art course in Chandigarh then you are at the right place. 23GunsTattoo brings you Tattoo art Course in Chandigarh, Mohali | India, and other Services as well. So if you want to learn a Tattoo or piercing, And if you are really serious about this. Then do it the right way. Wrong-way is just to get a toolbox and start learning it yourself. And the Right way is to go for the apprenticeship. Get the skills from a skilled artist.

Finding a good apprenticeship is one of the big tasks and a bit hard, Knowing the factor that there are many offers out there pricey dues. So with so many options for tattoo art course in Chandigarh out there or traps, sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted. So let’s not be a victim of your prey.

23GunsTattoo tattoo art course in Chandigarh has been giving Tattoo Course for a long time and few of its students are settled with them. People come from different locations in India to get Tattoo Training and make their future Successful. So be a part of our Tattoo Training School and let us help you to make your future bright in the Tattoo field. You can also see

How to become a tattoo art artist:

So if you are planning to start your Tattoo art course in Chandigarh See Our Course at the end of this article and let us guide you through. Advanced Tattoo learning requires digital skill as well. which you can get tattoo art course. Although it’s not required at the initial level.

  • Apprenticeship

To find an apprenticeship means, find a Tattoo artist who can get you in the tattooing business with the proper training of it. It’s not a “Quick money-making” thing.
You are finding an Apprenticeship who stays with you for long enough for the proper training. Tattooing is not only the part that comes under it.
How to do stencil, how to clean machines, how to sterilize devices.

An apprenticeship cannot be done in a month. And a good mentor will never allow you to start with tattooing until you are well aware of all the above terms.

23gunstattoo works on above Goal and gives best tattoo art course in Chandigarh.

  • Tattoo Artists

As said above there are many Tattoo Artists out there some are good and some are bad. So you need to find someone who can take you along with him and who can teach you all the basic concepts like Tattoo Precautions, hygiene, How people Select a Tattoo artist other techniques that would help you grow in your future.
And who has the capability to take the budding new artist under his roof and train you? You need to find someone you can believe in.

  • Your Portfolio

Portfolio It’s just to show the mentor about your artistic skills, It could be anything.

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If you have any certification or any formal training of artistic work you have done, bring it along. Even though it’s not mandatory. So if you full with raw talent or if not we’ll help you up skill you during your training period.

  • Your Weapon: Money

There are many tattoo artists who still offers free Tattoo art course in chandigarh. These are few. On the other hand there are tattoo artists who want your money rather than giving you quality education.
23Gunstattoo works in between these two. We have a price that you can work with and gets best Tattoo training out of it, As Time is precious. So think where are you spending before you do.
If you find an Artist who will give you training free of cost, It means you have found a gem. Go for it but don’t think it s going to be easy.
You need to work very hard and need to be dedicated as your trainer is.

Why Choose Us for the Tattoo art Course in Chandigarh

We have been giving training for Tattoos from many years now and we always provide them a Free demo Training Class and Our one day free tattoo art Course in Chandigarh will help you understand how your Training duration would go.

Our Course for Tattoo art course in Chandigarh Includes

  • We help you generate new thoughts and ideas.
  • We help you understand the fundamentals of drawing.
  • Understanding the tattoo process.
  • Understanding the light and Shadow concept in a drawing.
  • We help you learn different types of tattoo art.
  • How to maintain hygiene and its process.
  • Machine set-up.
  • Understanding different types of needles.
  • Hands-on tattooing on artificial skin.
  • Concept of different types of machines.
  • In-depth session on the hygiene process.
  • Hands-on: Lining.
  • Live Tattoo Session (goes throughout the training)
  • Setting up the machine as per the tattoo requirement.
  • Color-packing/Filling
  • Client handling Skill
  • Aftercare concept
  • Practice on basics
  • Make a design on demand.
  • Hands-on Shading.
  • Review on hands-on sessions.

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