May 27, 2022

Top 5 places in rampur bushahr

Top 5 places in rampur bushahr – We will tell you about the places to stay in rampur bushahr where you can visit. If you come to rampur bushahr you must visit at these places.

Rampur bushahr is the current residence of the” raja of bushahr state”. is at the padam palace at rampur, shimla district of himachal pradesh. The town of rampur may have been founded by raja kehri singh in the 17th century or raja ram singh in the 18th. It is very beautiful place situated at the bank of satluj river. it border on the north with spiti, on the west with kumarsain and anni, on the east with kinnaur and on the south with rohru. The city is nearby to popular places like jhakri,sarahan bushahr,Green velly dhar gaura and shraikoti .

So let’s now tell about top 5 places in rampur bushahr where you can visit:

  1. Tannu jubbar lake
  2. Hattu temple
  3. Green valley kufri
  4. Bhaba valley
  5. Bhimakali temple

Tannu jubbar lake:- One of the very popular attractions of the town is the Tannu jubbar lake known for its scenic beauty. It is the famous among the local and the tourists alike for a perfect day out grabe a picnic basket and enjoy the nature.

Tanni jubbar lake Top 5 places in rampur bushahr is a small secluded water body, located near thanedar in the hill station of shimla. And the rest, as they say, is history. This popular lake located in shimla, after being born annd raised in the apple valley of kotgarh, is considered to be the lake of the Nag deity. Who is the avatar of the local god nag. This place holds great importance for the local as well as the tourists. Tannu jubbar lake , Narkanda overview Top 5 places in rampur bushahr. This lake encircled with trees all around is an ideal picnic spot.

Now let’s talk about how you can reach Tannu jubbar lake Top 5 places in rampur bushahr ;

If you coming from chandigarh you can get hired taxies to shimla isbt. And you can get direct bus from shimla to narkanda. and then you get hired taxies from narkanda to tannu jubbar lake. You can reach tannu jubbar lake by private vehicle.

Hattu temple Top 5 places in rampur bushahr:- The hattu mata temple of maa mandodari , is a wonderful temple in the state of devbhumi himachal pradesh’s famous tourists destination narkanda, touching the mountains and the beauty of nature all around. This temple built at an altitude of 3400 meters, 70km from shimla ,is situated amidst giant cedor tree.

This tample is belived to have been built by the pandavas at the time of their unknown residence, Top 5 places in rampur bushahr the proof of which is found here even today. It is said that even if excaution is done here, burnt coal is found which shows the proof that pandavas used to have a kitchen at this place and they used to cook food at this place. coal is found here even today admidst big rocks. This newly constructed temple has carved amazing figures of ancient art, Which are the centre of attraction for tourists and devotees Top 5 places in rampur bushahr.

Top 5 places in rampur bushahr

Now let’s talk about how you can reach hattu temple top 5 places in rampur bushahr;

You can take your vehicle up to a designated parking lot halfway up the trek. From there you’ll have to walk to the top. It is fairly easy trek. There’s only one tarmac road that means you need not ask for direction. There is a huge marker on the road from where the diversion to hatu peak begins on narkanda kufri road. How to reach depends on mode of travel.

If you are driving your own vehicle then from shimla side take the road to narkanda. Just before narkanda you will come across a road sign that reads road to hatu peak. You can stay narkanda cars can go up all the way, but in some areas are very narrow. There’s the occasional pile up of cars at certain point.One can park their car near a man-made pond enroute.Its 2km from hattu peak takes around 30-40 minutes to trek that 2km maggi etc is available. There the trek is not difficult you just need to peace yourself.

Green velly kufri top 5 places in rampur bushahr:- Kufri is a resort hill station in the district of shimla. It is located 20 km from the state capital shimla on the national highway No. 22. On the kufri avenue. The name kufri is derived from the word kufr meaning “lake”in the local language.

The region around Shimla including Kufri was once a part of the Kingdom of nepal  until the area was ceded to the British Raj as part of the sugauli Treaty Top 5 places in rampur bushahr. This region remained obscure from the rest of the world until the British ‘discovered’ it in 1819.

Kufri is located at 31.10°N 77.25°E. It has an average elevation of 2,720 metres (8923 feet).Kufri fun campus an amusement park to enjoy the whole day. This park is equipped with various rides, pools and world’s highest go-kart trek. Kufri to the mahasu peak the highest peak in kufri.

Bhaba valley is top 5 places in rampur bushahr:- The bhaba valley also known as wangpo in the local kinnauri language is a valley in the northern indian state of himachal pradesh. It is formed by the bhaba river in the district of kinnaur, which originates near bhaba pass. Bhaba valley is constituted by in total five panchayats of bhaba nagar tehsil. The wangtu bridge is the gateway to the valley. There are 17 villages within the valley.

The bhaba pass connects the bhaba valley on the kinnaur side with the pin valley on the spiti side.

National Highway 22 runs alongside River satluj until Wangtu gives way to a narrow road leading to Katgaon and Kafnu. Katgaon and Kafnu are the base for one of the most beautiful trek routes in Himachal, the Bhaba trek. A Top 5 places in rampur bushahr moderate climb towards a glacial fed stream Bhaba river, to Bhabha Pass at 4,890 metres (16,040 ft) altitude to enter Pin Valley in Spiti is a challenging adventure. The first village in Spiti is mud. Another trek in the west from the Bhaba Pass gets into parvati valley of kullu.

Top 5 places in rampur bushahr

Bhimakali temple:-

Shri Bhima Kali Temple top 5 places in rampur bushahr is a temple at sarahan in himachal pradesh in india, dedicated to the mother goddess bhimakali, presiding deity of the rulers of former bushahr State. The temple is situated about 180 km from shimla and it is as holy as

The town is known as the “gateway of kinnaur” it being near the old Indo-Tibetan Road. Seven kilometers below (17 km by road) Sarahan is the river satluj.  Sarahan Bushahr has been the summer capital of Bushahr kingdom, with Rampur Bushahr considered the winter capital . The former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Shree Virbhadra Singh is a member of royal family (Son of erstwhile king Padam Singh) and is popularly known as “Raja Sahab” at Sarahann. He has been member of the Top 5 places in rampur bushahr. Assembly/Parliament since 1962 and has held the post of Chief Minister six times. His wife Rani Pratibha Devi is also a member of Assembly.

Top 5 places in rampur bushahr

Now let’s talk about how you can reach bhimakali temple Top 5 places in rampur bushahr :

One you can travel by train to kalka or by air to chandigarh and then travel by road to sarahan Top 5 places in rampur bushahr. People also option for the train ride from kalka to shimla. Taxis and jeeps can be hired to reach to sarahan. Bus services are also available from chandigarh, shimla, rampur and jeori.

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