January 29, 2022

Top 5 scooter in India

here we are telling about for Top 5 scooter in India .all these top scooter are foreign company. these scooter are listed in top 5 scooter in india2021 for maintenance, averages ,price, etc. all top scooter in very attractive for youth and advanced booking also available in these bike because of budget. you also finance these scooter. price started in these bikes 84000rs to 5.4laks. these scooter are suitable for on road and off road so you can check listed top 5 scooter in India.

Top 5 scooter in India list is here


Top 5 bikes in india
Top 5 bikes in india
  1. TVS jupitor scooter price starts at rs 64000 to 67000
  2. TVS Jupitor launched date 12 may 2021
  3. fuel economy 56 to 60 km/l
  4. scooter wait 107 to 109kg
  5. maintance charge 500 to 600rs
  6. colour options blue, black, plataniun

2. Honda activa 6G

Top 5 scooter in india
Top 5 scooter in india
  1. Honda activa launced in 109.5 cc engine capacity in india
  2. only single cylinder userd in honda activa 6 G
  3. milage 56 km/l,kerb weight 111kg, seat height 112mm.
  4. startin price of honda activa 6G in india rs. 64071

3. Suzuki access 125

Top 5 scooter in india
[wptb id=899]

4. Honda dio

Top 5 scooter in india
Top 5 scooter in india

Honda dio is listed in top 5 scooters in india 2021. they launched in 21 may 2021 in india. the best part of this scooter is price. because many company launched her scooter in big price but honda dio is price is very genially and affordable. scooter weight, mileage, fuel tank is increase for other brand of scooter. last year honda dio fuel tank is 5 litter but this year year they increase 1 letter more so fuel tank capacity in honda dio is 6 letter so this is best part of this scooter and much better to other.


5. Yamaha gear 125cc

Top 5 scotter in india
Top 5 scotter in india
  1. Yamaha gear 125 is launched in india 24 may 2021
  2. yamaha design by this scotter like sport scotter so young kids mostly attractive this looks
  3. showroom price this vehicle is 73000 without document and showroom also provide with all document with extra charge so this yamaha gear 125 price almost 82000 apx.
  4. company add this year disk breaks
  5. loading capacity is 120 to 130 kg
  6. fuel tank is 5.5 litters
  7. averages 62km/l

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